Israel Spices Quartet

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It is impossible to imagine Middle Eastern cuisine without spices. They give a unique taste and aroma to local dishes. Now you can create an Israeli atmosphere in your kitchen with the help of this spice quartet consisting of zaatar, mustard, cumin seeds and steak mix.

No GMO, all natural ingredients.

Made in the Holy Land.



Spices Quartet

          •Zaatar is a herb with strong spicy smell that gave name to the mixture of spices very popular in Israel. You can use it for salads, sprinkle over pitas with olive oil and even add it to dairy products. Zaatar was considered an aphrodisiac in the ancient Middle East, and the Greeks believed that this seasoning arouses joy and courage in the hearts.

        •Mustard is the most popular seasoning in the world. Heated grains of mustard lose their bitterness and acquire a pleasant nutty flavor, but preserve heat when chewing, that gives special piquancy to dishes.

       •Cumin seeds or “zira” is one of most favorite spices used in Middle Eastern cuisine. It has a pleasant, slightly harsh taste and spicy aroma. Zira is used for seasoning soups, salads, cold snacks, hot vegetable, meat and fish dishes. Besides cumin enriches the taste of yogurt, curd, cheeses, pastries, pastries and drinks.

       •Steak mix is a necessary seasoning in your kitchen. It has all the best you need for your steak: sweet & smoked paprika, mustard, cumin seeds and salt.

Mustard - 20 gr, Zaatar - 15 gr, Cumin Seeds - 15 gr, Steak Mix - 10 gr

No GMO, all natural ingredients.

Hand made in the Holy Land.

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