Is it hard to blow a Shofar?

NO! Anyone can do it. But, to make it sound good takes a little practice. You blow into it with pursed lips, the way one would play a trumpet or a bugle. Generally, you need to moisten your lips and hold the Shofar such that ALL the air goes into the Shofar. Depending on the size (length) and kind (Ram’s horn or Yemenite), you’ll get from 1 to 3 notes (generally speaking). Ram’s horns tend to make more tooting or bugle-like notes, while the Yemenite horns are more mellow and the notes extend a little farther. Ram’s horns generally are one note only; the shorter horns have higher notes than the longer horns. Yemenite horns, depending on length and YOUR ability, can play at least 2, usually 3, and some folks have been known to get 4 notes from them.
What are the typical Shofar calls?

The Tekiah: the “blast”. It is one long blast with a solid, clear tone.

The Shevarim: a “broken” mournful and sighing sound of 3 short blasts.

The Teruah: the “alarm”, consisting of a series of 9 or more short staccato blasts done in rapid succession.

The Tekiah Gedolah : called “the Great Tekiah”. This is a long, single, unbroken blast that lasts until the worshiper’s wind gives out.

NOTE: It is acceptable (and greatly rewarding) to come up with your own unique Shofar call to honor the Lord.

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