Meet Tikva Ratson Cohen!

Tikva (Tiki) is a Jewish believer in Yeshua (Jesus) of Yemenite descent, she is a jewelry maker.  The inspiration for many of Tiki's designs is drawn from the Bible, the Holy Land, and the compelling history of the Jewish people making her work an intriguing expression of her own soul, yet understandable by many.

The craft of Yemenite silver and goldsmithery has run in Tiki's family for generations and is firmly embedded in her genes.

Each piece is a unique creation, combining gold and silver with precious stones and undergoes a process of careful consideration with regards to workmanship and design.  Each piece of jewelry is designed and produced by Tiki herself using a combination of various techniques including casting and intricate handiwork.

The Yemenite designs reflect Tiki's own rich heritage and are timeless pieces echoing the distant past with the present day incorporating modern fashion trends and traditional Yemenite craftsmanship.


Tiki Set